How Shall Men Dress?

I’d seen nothing of art save the columns and Corinthian chimney-pots observable on your Broadway and Fifth Avenue, when I appeared before you on a former occasion. I think Ever since then, I have been to some fifty or sixty cities throughout your country. I find what your people need is not art but what hallows the boats of use. I guess the poet will sing along with the artist will paint of whether the planet blames or praises. He is independent of the own fellow-men and has his own world. But the handicraftsman is pendent in opinion and your pleasure. Your encouragement is needed by him and lovely surroundings must be hared by him. Your folks love art but do not honour the handicrafts-man.

Of course, those who will pillage Europe because of their enjoyment need not have any care nevertheless I speak. I discover that one good trouble over is your workmen aren’t awarded to royal layouts. You cannot be indifferent to this, as Art is not something that you may leave or take. It’s a requirement of existence. And what’s the meaning? In the first position, it and that mean value and in making a thing, the delight he most necessarily take, respectively. The sign of all great art isn’t that the thing is performed finely or exactly, for machines can do much, but it is worked out using the mind along with the workman’s heart.

The stage can’t impress also often that amazing and logical designs are essential in most work. I didn’t envision, before I moved into a few of the cities, there was so much work. I found, poor wall-papers horribly designed, and colored rugs in which I moved, and that outdated offender is so gloomy. I discovered furniture that was machine-made and ribbons of rosewood, which creaked beneath the burden of this interviewer that was omnipresent. I came round the iron rock which can be as great a bore as a day or any institution that was particularly horrible, and that they persist in decorating together using ornaments. It was garnished with two urns, when unusual extravagance was indulged in.

And How Shall Men Dress?

It must be remembered that everything is carefully and well made through an honest workman, following a layout, increases in attractiveness and value as the years proceed. The furniture caused from the Pilgrimstwo hundred decades back, which I watched at New England, is equally as great as beautiful as it had been when it came . What you have to do is to attract handicraftsmen and artists . Handicraftsmen can’t live cannot flourish, with companionship. Separate both of these and you rob artwork of all motive. Having said that, you have to set your job. The artist isn’t determined by the observable and the. He’s his dreams and his visions to feed . As he belongs to his job at the morning and returns at 20, However, the workman must see kinds.

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