The Perfect Dating Needs the Perfect Site

It sounds a little cynical, but dating online is a lot like shopping. If you like to wander around the mall for several hours in a row, carefully choose, compare, just admire, then endless viewing of profiles and correspondence with candidates will your new hobby. But for those who are accustomed to immediately buy the right thing and not go in to “just look,” a long search at the craigslist personals for a partner is torture. Here are some tips to help you save time and make the right choice.

Choose the right dating site

Not all users of dating apps and sites expressly declare their intentions. It is easy to register without tedious profiles and retelling of your entire biography. The program itself will create an attractive profile for you. Everything is completely anonymous.

Use the rule 3-5 messages

Most of the men on Earth do not suit you. Your task is to identify guys from this category as soon as possible and move on.

After you blocked those who, obviously, did not get into the hit parade of your thoughts, it’s time to check the candidates who inspire at least some hope. Usually 3-5 messages are enough.

Don’t give hope to someone you don’t like

Some girls spoil the reputation of the entire feminine, because they meet guys who are not really interested in them. So they amuse their vanity or avoid the unpleasant need to say no, and in addition, they give men the impression that all the girls are two-faced.

Be categorical

High expectations will not help you build a relationship, but to flip through dozens of profiles a day and find something interesting, you will need a critical look.

Do not delay meeting

Social networking is nothing compared to what you see in real life. It’s better to know for sure whether this guy is as good as he seems than to spend months on unrealistic expectations.

Be careful

Don’t let impressions overshadow common sense. Before meeting a man for the first time, you must at least know his full name, place of work and phone number. Leave this information to your reliable friend and let us know where the date will be.

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